Be prepared for winter!

Although this winter (so far!) and the last couple of winters, have generally been quite mild, winter 2010/2011 saw some of the worst weather Edinburgh has experienced in almost 50 years.

You can be prepared for whatever winter brings us by taking these steps:

Before winter:

  • have your heating system checked
  • stock up on salt from your local DIY shop
  • get a good, strong snow shovel
  • have some food stocks
  • talk to family and friends about childcare
  • review your travel plans
  • get your car a winter health check.

During severe winter weather:

  • check on neighbours
  • keep up to date with roads, schools and travel information on the Council’s website, Twitter and on local radio
  • stay warm
  • avoid using your car unless really necessary
  • help by clearing snow and ice in your area
  • reduce the amount of waste going into your bin and keep recyclable material in bags (most will be fine in the snow) until collections resume
  • use the Community Recycling Centres

Police Scotland – Crime Prevention Advice

In light of my previous post regarding thefts in the area, I am also posting the advice below, which is provided by Police Scotland:

As we approach the festive season, we would like to remind you of the increased potential for theft that this presents.

We are aware that there has been rise in break-ins to garden sheds and garages in this area recently.

To help us tackle this issue, and to ensure that your property and its curtilage is secure as possible, it is recommended that you follow some simple crime prevention advice:

  • Avoid storing high value items in garden sheds
  • Lock and secure garages and sheds with a strong hasp and padlock
  • Do not leave pedal cycles insecure or unattended. If pedal cycles are to be left outdoors, ensure they are secured with a “D-Lock” style padlock
  • Secure motorbikes appropriately
  • Photograph and mark any high value items with a UV pen and take note of serial numbers
  • Fit automatic security lighting to your property
  • Consider installing a CCTV system
  • Consider the installation of an intruder alarm system. For more information, check

If you observe anyone acting suspiciously please contact the police immediately with a detailed description of the person or vehicle involved.

For further advice in relation to the above, please contact the Community Policing Team at Howdenhall Police Station by telephoning 101 (non-emergency). Always dial 999 in an emergency (immediate threat to life or property).




Thefts – Gracemount and Alnwickhill

I have been made aware by local Police that:

“Over the last few days the Gracemount area in particular has been subject to many thefts and attempted thefts, mainly from sheds and garages.  The other area that has been targeted is Alnwickhill although not as badly as Gracemount.  It appears that pedal cycles and motor cycles are the first target followed by power tools and lawnmowers.  The key times are early evening from about 6pm to 10.”

The Police are looking to dedicate resources to the area to try and prevent / detect offences. The Police have also stressed that it does seem to be property that the criminals are after and that they do tend to flee if rumbled.

Alnwickhill Water Treatment Works

As local residents will know, CALA/David Wilson homes recently held a consultation event in order to let local residents consider their proposals for the above site, prior to submission of any formal planning application proper.

Such consultations often provide a great opportunity for developers to become aware of, and to have an opportunity to take on board, community concerns before submitting a formal application for planning permission. Only once a full formal planning application has been submitted will the opportunity present itself to submit formal representation’s to the Council Planning Committee regarding the final proposals.

I will of course keep local residents informed as to when a full application is submitted by the developer and when formal submissions can be made.

I attach below an illustration of the current proposals provided by CALA at the public consultation,for your information.

Alnwickhill Consultation Board

Frogston Road Crossing

I have previously reported on my engagement with Council Officers regarding location of the new crossing on Frogston Road East.

Today I requested an update from Council Officers who tell me that:

“…New Works design team (have been asked) to design and cost the provision of an
additional Double-D island adjacent to the existing bus stops to the east of the
access to the garden centre.  I hope to programme construction toward the end of
this financial year, or early next.

Update – Gracemount Primary Headteacher

Parents of pupils at Gracemount Primary will be aware of plans floated to consider alternative management structures for the school, including a ‘community campus model’ or ‘all through school model.

Many concerned parents contacted me regarding the proposals and I am pleased to report that the Council’s Education Department have shelved these plans.

Instead the Council is now advertising the post as a permanent Headteacher of Gracemount primary school only, effectively continuing current management arrangments. This recruitment is underway and the Education Department hope to have a permanent Headteacher appointed by the end of January. Acting HT arrangements have been put in place from the beginning of January.

I am told that the decision not to proceed with the consultation on Gracemount primary as a 3-18 all through school was due to the size of both Gracemount primary and Gracemount high school, the increase in housing and the likely increase in a further primary school feeding into Gracemount High school in due course and the then likely expansion of Gracemount high school re increased pressure on secondary school rolls. The all through school model would be too large.

While I am told there remains the possibility of a campus model being revisited at some point in future, this would likely be some years away, if ever, and so for the foreseeable future Gracemount Primary is likely to remain with its own Headteacher and as a stand alone school.