Future of Education in South Edinburgh

A workshop was held on 30 September to look at the implications for education in the context of the new Local Development Plan and the 3500 additional homes which will probably be built in the area over the next ten years.

The workshop was attended by the head teachers and chairs of the parent councils of most schools in the Liberton Gilmerton ward and all local Ward Councillors. The workshop was chaired by the director of education children and families department in the council, Gillian Tee. Several options were explored.

The education specialists and the local views of parents were aired and although no decisions could be made, there was a sense that local input was valued and there will be further opportunities to contribute and influence. The LDP will be approved next March and there will be another workshop around the same time.

Gracemount Primary Autumn Fair

Gracemount Primary are holding their Autumn Fair – in place of the usual Christmas Fair – on Saturday 1st November between 11am-1pm.
This is a fun event and a great fundraiser for the school which would benefit further from as much community support as possible!

Inch Park Lighting and footway improvements update

I have received the following update regarding improvements in Inch Park from Council Officers:

“I email you to update you on the ongoing works within the Inch Park in respect of the above.

If you have been in the park recently you will have seen a fair amount of work being carried out in regards to Street Lighting. New columns and lights have been put into the new footway sections which has eliminated our need for the additional ‘bubbles’ that where on the pathway that was created last year.

Also the pathway from Glenallan Drive to Inch House has had its lighting completely renewed with columns and lights. Some have been moved to the other side of the footway so as the tree overhang does not interfere with the columns.

My colleague Ryan Robertson should be thanked for his input to the scheme and his commitment to ensuring that the best possible solution was found which included new lighting columns being added at the Gilmerton Road entrance and also at the three way footway leading to the Cameron Toll gateway.

The full lighting operation will be concluded on Wednesday of this week and this will then allow for the final surfaces to be applied to the footway sections which is being undertaken by Capital Skills in conjunction with the IPCSC through our NEP programme. I would like to thank John Munro for his input in managing this scheme working tirelessly on a voluntary basis.

This will allow for a future scheme to be considered for the last section at the rear of Inch House to the Dalkeith Road which will then provide a continuous footway from the Gilmerton Road to Dalkeith Road hopefully stopping the requirement for pedestrians to walk on the roadway. It is anticipated that this might be considered for 2015/16 NEP schemes should capital become available.

In addition we have taken the opportunity to provide dropped kerb access points to assist those with prams, wheelchairs etc. “

Reminder – representations on Local Development Plan close Friday 3rd at 5pm

Many residents will already have made a further submission in respect of the proposed housing developments contained with the Second Proposed Local Development Plan . However if you have yet to do so, please be reminded that, as per my last InTouch Newsletter, the period to submit representations closes tomorrow – Friday 3rd October- at 5pm.

To make a submission or find out more, please visit: