Civic New Licence Notice

I have recieved the following Civic New Licence Notice:





NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that applications for the undernoted licences have been received by The City of Edinburgh Council. Anyone wishing to object to the grant of a licence must lodge a written objection or representation specifying the grounds of the objection or the nature of the representation with the Council Solicitor, City of Edinburgh Council, Licensing Section, 249 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1YJ, by 17 December 2014. The objection or representation must specify the name and address of the person making it and be signed by that person or an Agent. Copies of objections or representations will be sent to the applicant. Objections or representations can be delivered by hand or posted by Recorded or Registered Delivery Post so that they would normally be expected to arrive by the above date. Late objections or representations can be considered if a good reason is given but otherwise if the terms of this Notice are not complied with, the objection or representation will be disregarded.
All addresses are in Edinburgh unless otherwise stated.

Head of Legal, Risk & Compliance

Ref No:274453

Name: Certas Energy UK Limited

Address/Location : 105 Liberton Gardens, Edinburgh, EH16 6ND

Category Late Hours: Catering Licence

Date and Time: 24 hours Monday – Sunday


I have recieved the following information regarding Phase Two of the Loanhead to Gilmerton Cycle Scheme:


The City of Edinburgh Council, in partnership with Sustrans, is developing a scheme to enhance cycling and walking provision between Edinburgh and Midlothian. This scheme supports walking and cycling policies detailed in the Council’s current Local Transport Strategy and Active Travel Action Plan.
Earlier this year, a new 900 metre cycleway along the former railway line between Lasswade Road and Midlothian was completed, and this opened to the public in August 2014. This forms part of the Council’s Family Network Cycle Route 61.
In order to improve and extend this route further, the following works are now proposed:
• resurfacing and widening of the footway on the east side of Lasswade Road between Gilmerton Station Road and Gilmerton Dykes Road to create a three metre wide shared use cycleway;
• lighting of the route between Lang Loan and Midlothian, including Lasswade Road and the cycle path along the former railway line between Lasswade Road and Loanhead;
• working with Midlothian Council to sign the full route between Roslin and Holyrood Park, where the route connects with the National Cycle Network Route 1; and
• a reduction of the speed limit to 40mph on Lasswade Road south of the Lang Loan roundabout.
The proposed improvements are shown on the accompanying plan.”

New Gym Facilities Liberton High

The planning application for the above has now been submitted;reference number 14/04530/FUL.

The application in full can be viewed by visiting the link below and entering the full application number 14/04530/FUL

This is an important step for the Liberton High School community and I know many parents are delighted to see matters progress to the submission of the planning application.