Dog Fouling – Council administration must do better

The recently published Edinburgh Peoples Survey highlights that local residents have lost faith in the Council’s ability to tackle the dog fouling epidemic sweeping the local community.

Just 23% of local residents are now satisfied with how the Council is dealing with the matter. Satisfaction levels were at almost 70% between 2009-11.

Watch my Chamber speech from today’s Full Council meeting as I hold Edinburgh’s Labour/SNP coalition to account on this issue:

Councillor Nick Cook secures £22,000 of funding for new Leadervale Road Footway

Following concerns from local residents, Councillor Nick Cook lobbied and made a funding submission to the local Roads Capital Neighbourhood Environmental Programme.

Councillor Nick Cook’s proposal to resurface the south side footway between Leadervale Terrace and Clackmae Grove (Approx 292sqm) was successful and the Council will now undertake to provide residents with a much needed new footway (map provided).

leadervale rd map

Councillor Cook also made submissions for work to be done to the footway of Clackmae Road, a 456sqm area which would have cost £35,000. While funding limits unfortunately prohibit this project this year, Councillor Cook will continue to pursue funding for Clackmae Road.

Liberton Drive – Traffic Calming Update

I have recieved the following update from Council Officials regarding the above. I have lobbied hard on behalf of local residents for some time regarding this issue and will continue to keep involved going forward.



An initial consultation has been undertaken to agree the position of the third traffic island. This position has been agreed and we are currently waiting for a timetable, from our design team, for completion of the final detailed design and construction. The construction of this island, and the power connection for the westbound traffic activated sign, would be packaged up with the build outs at the two islands. As soon as I have heard back from my colleagues in the design team regarding the timetable I will advise you accordingly.

A Traffic Regulation Order for the speed limit reduction on Braid Hills Drive has been initiated and the consultation with the statutory bodies has been undertaken. A further consultation with local residents is still to take place and if no objections are brought forward then it is anticipated that the limit would be reduced around September 2015. If objections are received then a report to the Transport and Environment Committee would be required to repel these objections which would delay the implementation of the order.

It would be our intention to undertake further speed monitoring for this scheme as each stage goes live.

Thank you again for your continued interest in this matter. ”


Electronic Slow Sign

I am pleased to report that, in response to consistent lobbying from residents and loal councillors, that an ‘Electronic Slow Sign’ has been installed at Gilmerton Dykes Street at the junction with Gilmerton Dykes Avenue.

The impact of the sign on traffic will be monitored by the council in the coming weeks to gauge effectiveness.

Neighbourhood Environment Programme – Get Voting!

As previously noted, I submitted funding applications for pavement resurfacing works on Leadervale Road and Clackmae Road.

These submissions were added to a bank of proposals which local residents are now asked to vote on. The projects with the highest scores will be funded!

If you wish to see the above projects go ahead, I would urge you to click here: and cast your vote. Remember – the higher the score the better!