LIDL – purchase of land

I am pleased to confirm that the Council have rejected a request from LIDL to purchase a strip of housing account land at Ferniehill.

LIDL were proposing to extend the car park of their Gilmerton store, however this would have impacted upon the amenity of nearby residents.

I am pleased to have supported and assisted a very active residents’ campaign to ensure the Council did not sell this land.

I am pleased to have been able to help in formally voicing my objection to the proposal. I am glad common sense has prevailed.

Liberton Grange – Local Residents Meeting

Please find below the text of a residents’ letter kindly forwarded to me by CALA Homes.

The letter addresses a number of concerns discussed with residents relating to traffic management and access arrangements for works vehicles entering and leaving the Liberton Grange development on the former water works site at Alnwickhill.

“Further to our site meeting on 1 October 2015, I would like to update you on some of the queries and questions raised and confirm CALA’s traffic management proposals for accessing the site during the construction phase of the development. Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to attend the meeting, which I believe was of benefit to all parties. I would also like to offer my apologies in the time taken to respond to you on the below matters. We have been awaiting confirmation on a number of the points raised. In no particular order, please see noted below a list of the questions raised at the meeting and our responses following discussion / feedback from Barratt/DWH.

  • Rear access (Alnwickhill Road) to be used for operatives and general deliveries.
  • Time restrictions at rear (Alnwickhill Road) – no deliveries before 9am and no deliveries after 4pm to reduce the construction traffic on Alnwickhill Road as much as possible during school in/out times.
  • Gates (Alnwickhill Road) will open at 7am and will be closed at 6pm where possible.
  • Larger vehicles / deliveries (timber kits, brick, block) will access site from the front (Liberton Gardens).
  • Anticipated completion date of Barratt/DWH development June 2020. Any new house building site is subject to the sales rate for the area so there can’t be a fixed date.
  • There is an existing footpath which runs through the Barratt/DWH part of the development and leads on to Liberton Gardens. Will this be utilised and open to the public once construction is complete so that locals from Alnwickhill Road can use it to access Liberton Gardens? At present, there are no current plans to accommodate a link footway from Alnwickhill Road to Liberton Gardens.
  • What will the specification of the bollards to the emergency footpath be?The specification for the bollards to be fitted at the emergency access path are to be collapsible and lockable. The emergency services carry keys to allow usage of the path in the case of an emergency.
  • Can you confirm the ridge heights of the houses/flats on the Barratt/DWH area o fthe site facing Alnwickhill road? The ridge heights to the development have not changed since the final planning approval for the development, the details of the ridge heights are available on the CEC planning portal.

As discussed at the meeting, it is our intention to issue a quarterly news letter to the local residents informing them of general information relating to the site. Further resident meetings may also be arranged as and when required to keep the local community up to date with our proposals.

I hope that the above information answers the questions raised at the meeting and relieves any concerns you may have had in regards to construction traffic accessing the development however if you need to discuss any of the issues further or have any other questions which arise, then please contact CALA directly on the below noted telephone number or email our Customer Service department. Please be sure to advise our Customer Care team that your issue is in relation to the Liberton Grange development so your call/email can be forwarded to the relevant person.

Contact Number                      01324 600 000

Customer Service email

Kind Regards

Billy Hamilton

Site Manager – Liberton Grange”

Ellen’s Glen Road – Pavement Improvements

I recently held a meeting with council officials regarding the poor state of the footway on Ellen’s Glen Road. This issue is one which has consistently been raised by residents for years. Despite submitting numerous bids to have an upgrade funded the council has always refused.

However, officers have now agreed to look into delivering a short term surface improvement to the current footway, which essentially delivers a smooth, stable surface across the whole path. This is good news.

Longer term, officers have agreed a more permanent solution is needed which delivers a wider, more fit-for-purpose footway. Discussion on long term options will continue to take place, though the need is recognised. Mindful of Local Development Plan proposals at Ellen’s Glen, the shape of any future plans for an ungraded footway will likely run concurrent with any development works resulting from the LDP process.

I will keep residents updated on this, though the provision of a smooth, stable surface in the short term is very good news indeed.

Lidl Gilmerton

I have this week met with a group of Ferniehill residents regarding Lidl’s desire to purchase the strip of Council-owned land at the end of its car park in order to increase capacity.

I am actively assisting residents in putting forward their concerns over these proposals, which would have significant impact on local amenity.