Ellen’s Glen Road – Pavement Improvements

I recently held a meeting with council officials regarding the poor state of the footway on Ellen’s Glen Road. This issue is one which has consistently been raised by residents for years. Despite submitting numerous bids to have an upgrade funded the council has always refused.

However, officers have now agreed to look into delivering a short term surface improvement to the current footway, which essentially delivers a smooth, stable surface across the whole path. This is good news.

Longer term, officers have agreed a more permanent solution is needed which delivers a wider, more fit-for-purpose footway. Discussion on long term options will continue to take place, though the need is recognised. Mindful of Local Development Plan proposals at Ellen’s Glen, the shape of any future plans for an ungraded footway will likely run concurrent with any development works resulting from the LDP process.

I will keep residents updated on this, though the provision of a smooth, stable surface in the short term is very good news indeed.

Lidl Gilmerton

I have this week met with a group of Ferniehill residents regarding Lidl’s desire to purchase the strip of Council-owned land at the end of its car park in order to increase capacity.

I am actively assisting residents in putting forward their concerns over these proposals, which would have significant impact on local amenity.

Gilmerton Neighbourhood Forum

The next meeting of the Gilmerton Neighbourhood Forum will be held on Thursday 13th August 2015 at 7.00 pm in Gilmerton Library, 13 Newtoft Street, Edinburgh

If you are a local residents why not pop along, find out about local issues and have a say on your local community. Local Councillors, Council Officers and the Police are often in attendance.